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We thank you for visiting our site. We want to bring you the best products so we’re very selective about what goes into our mineral makeup. It is 100% pure natural minerals, made in the US. We do not use talc, chemicals, dyes, bismuth, parabens, carmine, and is suitable for any skin type.

Our ingredients include Sericite, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide (color pigments), Quality Rice Powder, Kaolin Clay, and may also include Mica. This is critical in giving you the 100% natural look with a light, no makeup feel. The foundation has a smooth, silky texture, and gives your skin a wonderful glow. The concealer provides coverage for dark, under the eye circles, broken capillaries, scars, age spots, and blemishes. Mineral makeup is also oil absorbent without drying your skin. The blushers and bronzers help to give you a warm, sun kissed, soft glow.

If your skin is sensitive to makeup this is for you! It will not clog up your pores and because it contains zinc (the healing mineral), it makes this makeup non-irritating and calming to the skin. With all these great things it also has a SPF factor around 15 and because minerals can’t support bacteria, it doesn’t lose its shelf life. Mineral Naturals makeup is for women who want radiance without all the chemical additives found in other cosmetics. Superior coverage with incredible staying power.

Visit our Tips & Tricks page for more on how to select the colors that are correct for your skin tone.